Networx Homeowner Dashboard.png

Networx is a company that connects homeowners with the right contractors.  Homeowners come to Networx through affiliate websites and google search, the retention rate for homeowners is really low. 


The original homeowner dashboard.


Create an engaging experience for the homeowners throughout their project and make it easy for them to submit another project request in order to increase the retention rate. 

Users & Goals

"We just moved into our new house recently and we are planning on remodeling the kitchen. We want this to be a good investment while not spending too much money. It'd be nice to have more than one quote."

Smiling Grandpa

"We've been living in our house for 20 years. Our kids moved out so now we're trying to sell the house and move in to a smaller house. There's a few places we need to fix before selling this house."


"This is my childhood house and I just moved back in. It's pretty well maintained for an old house. I don't really know any contractors so I need a number handy in case anything need to be looked at."

Define Problems
User Flow
User Journey.png
Project Detail Page.png

Exploring different layouts of the Dashboard and Project Details page.

Clear Navigation

The dashboard navigation is easier to see in the new design. On mobile version dashboard, the navigation appears both on top of the page and inside of the hamburger menu, so people are always able to find it.

Mobile Dashboard.png
A Welcome Message

When users first enter their dashboard, there is a pop up window that explains what they can do on the dashboard and what are the next steps in the process.

Project Details

Users can easily update their contact info, job descriptions, and upload photos in the project detail page. The contractor who was hired is marked by the "hired" label. We leave a check mark there if the user left a review for the hired contractor.

Project Detail Page Empty.png
Time For a Review

The review page makes it easy for the users to keep track of their past/ future reviews. 


Being my first project after I join the company, it allows me to quickly learn about the home improvement industry and how the company is meeting the customer's needs. While gathering feedback and conducting usability test with internal employees, I was able to learn about each department's role within the customer journey for both homeowners and contractors.